Multicultural Food Feast Potluck

Sunday, March 3, 2024

6:00 pm

Last Sunday, we had a wonderful time talking about multiethnicity and the ways our church experiences are formed and impacted by our ethnic backgrounds! In the midst of talking, we really wanted to create a space for us to share more about ourselves and what better way to share than through really good food. The vision of this space is that we want to get a little taste (lol) of what the Kingdom of God is like where people from every tribe and nation come together to show a fuller picture of who God is.

So this Sunday after church, we are going to have a multiethnic food feast in Trinity Hall and the whole church is invited. Maybe we will have conversation topics, maybe some games, maybe just chilling, so many options! But what we do know is that we will have food.

If you would like to join us, please bring a dish that in connected to your culture (if you don't have anything that you feel really connected to, feel free to research or bring something that feels connected to your childhood) that can feed between 6-7 people

Please tell us what food you are bringing on this Google Sheet.


Trinity Hall 425 College St. New Haven, CT 06511

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