Artist Circle

A monthly gathering for those who long to create

At ECV, we believe that music and arts of all kinds are gifts from God. God has given us imagination—a way of seeing what is real beyond the visible.

The Bible talks about something like this in Hebrews 11:1-3. This means that the exercise of the imagination in the arts can help us contemplate and relate to God in ways that we couldn't otherwise. That's why we're so excited to have space to share different artistic expressions created in our community that have also led us into encounter with God.

Anyone is welcome to Artist Circle!

Artist Circle meets on the second Monday of each month. Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, if you are compelled to create or are curious to see what other artists are working on, you are welcome to this encouraging creative space. We meet on the second Monday of each month.

Bring the following to Artist Circle:

  1. A piece of art you're working on
  2. Essential items you need to create (instruments, materials, tools)
  3. An open mind ready to listen to and share with others

Every meeting is a unique experience, but here is a general format:

  1. SHARE: Share what you brought! If you bring a long piece of writing or performance, we ask that you aim for an excerpt that's 5 minutes or less. Feel free to share something new or old, one that you absolutely love or don't completely like. Our goal is not to impress but to inspire.
  2. SWAP: As fellow artists are sharing, look for something that provokes you towards further creativity. Draw inspiration directly from the work another artist brought to the group, selecting the piece to work off of for the next hour.
  3. CREATE: Spend about one hour creating something new. A poet might write a piece inspired by a drawing, another may illustrate a song, and another may choreograph a dance about a photo.
  4. CIRCLE: Circle back up and share what you've created during the time. It may feel vulnerable—that's normal and good! This is an exercise that stretches us as creatives.

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