December 10, 2023


Tina Williams


Expecting a Bigger Story

In Advent, we remember the anticipation of many who were looking forward to the birth of Jesus. We also look forward to the second coming of Jesus. Both parts help us expand our own story— it started before us and it is connected to something beyond us.

All of us, at some point, have wrestled with belief and unbelief. When we doubt, sometimes it causes us to wonder - do our questions and uncertainty cut us off from God? Could any of God's promises still be real and trustworthy in the face of our own unbelief? How can we still cling to the bigger story of our faith when we're not sure? This Sunday, Tina will be leading us in an exploration of disbelief, faithful rescue, and kingdom perspective through the story of Zechariah’s angelic visitation and the birth of John the Baptist.

Come join us for this second chapter of our Advent series. 


Tina Colón Williams

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