Resurrected Lives: Power

May 21, 2023


Giselle Gaytán


Resurrected Lives

In this series, Resurrected Lives, we are exploring what it means to live post-Easter lives in light of Jesus’ resurrection. If Jesus has been raised, we can be raised too. But sometimes, it takes more than three days for us to believe and live into that resurrection. For the first two weeks of our series, we looked at what kind of lives are possible through the story of Acts. Next, as a Church, we will walk through several hot-button topics like money, sex, parenting, and power to see what kind of difference resurrection makes for these areas in our lives. Come and see!

In this series, we’ve been thinking together about how different facets of our lives are changed by the hope and power of the resurrection. What might it look like to know God's power in the very places where we feel powerless? Through 2 Corinthians 12, we see how it's in our weaknesses that we meet the resurrection grace and power of Jesus.

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