Resurrection & Redefinition

March 31, 2024


Josh Williams


What’s a time you’ve had something redefined? Was it sudden or over time? Some of us have woken up with an ordinary understanding of some specific part of our life and by the time we went to sleep, everything was different. Others had that change happen over months, years, decades. This Easter, we remember that Jesus’ followers went through a whirlwind of emotions after Jesus’ death leading to his resurrection. Grief. Offense. Shock. Doubt. Belief. In the morning, the offense of someone robbing a grave gave way to myriad emotional responses when the empty tomb was revealed. How do we make meaning out of the empty tombs of our lives? The good news of Jesus helps us redefine it all. Come and encounter more this Sunday and remember to invite a neighbor, classmate, or friend. What might God redefine for you this Easter?


Josh Williams

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